Hello, I'm so happy you are here.

My name is Cody-Rae, I am the owner of Scrunchie & Go. At the age of 15, later in the year turn 16 I decided I wanted something to call my own. I said to my mom "where is the sewing machine you bought at the thrift store?" I then called my grandma and asked "Do you think you would be able to teach me how to sew?". She then taught me and took me to my first fabric store. I instantly fell in love with creating and from there Scrunchie & Go was born.

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My Story

Scrunchie & Go started in my parents dining room and later my childhood playroom into the sewing room of my dreams. I started with scrunchies and expanded to over the collar dog bandanas that year. I know offer scrunchies, dog bandanas, lanyards, and adult/baby headbands. When the pandemic was at its peak in 2020, I knew I could put my sewing abilities to use. I was staying with my grandma at the time, so she was not alone, and we decided to try one out. I liked how it looked and decided to start selling them for $3 each. With my grandma and mother working in health care, I seen the importance and how valuable their jobs really were. I decided that all the proceeds should go somewhere important, and I chose the Prince Edward County Memorial Hosptial Foundation Fund. Within two months and the help from family, friends and my community I made over 1000 face masks and I was able to donate $3,210 to the foundation. Read about it here: Local high school student creates over 200 homemade face masks in three days (

Local PECI student Backs the Build with $3,210 from homemade face masks (


Over the next year and half, I held 4 successful craft shows and was able to donate more money to the Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation. Read about it here: RELEASE: Craft sales help buy medical equipment | Quinte News

I held three fundraisers for three people who was close to me who were fighting with cancer. I sold face masks, scrunchies and scrunchie & mask sets. Two have passed away due to their illness and one is now in remission. After losing my grandfather to a long two-year battle to cancer, I knew the mental, financial toll it takes on people's lives.


 Now in Nursing School, I continue to thrive making handmade accessories for humans and their furry friends. My products are both adorable and high quality, and with new collections being released consistently, there is also something new to browse!  Want to match with your furry friend or maybe have a specific design in mind? Reach out today for customized orders!